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Page history last edited by Mrs. Wilson 14 years, 2 months ago


2009-2010 School Year


Welcome to our class wiki! We will use this space to collaborate with group projects, work individually, and as a "meeting place." 

It is going to be a great year.



Mrs. W

**Hi Guys!  I put a new posting on our blog...feel free to reply if you have time.  Miss you guys, 

Mrs. Wilson


Project Planning




Social Studies- Chapter 15 Review 


CHapter 16 Review




Write 2010



Graphic Novels











DOOR DECORATING Picture...almost finished!








CALENDAR                                   Student Pages                              









Tanzania KITES!








Cool Opportunity!



Comments (14)

wilson4 said

at 5:31 pm on Nov 4, 2009

You are right Mrs.Wilson it is awesome that we have dead words. My word was skinny and I replaced it with narrow and scrawny.

wilson14 said

at 5:59 pm on Nov 4, 2009

The dead words were very interesting 2 think about. My dead word was cool, I replaced it w/ extremely interesting.


wilson2 said

at 7:53 pm on Nov 4, 2009

My dead word was BAD by Meachel Jackson, it was survived by amiss and synthetic.

P.S. I don't know how Meachel Jackson got in there.

P.S.S Is it O.K if I used an online thesauruse (right?)?

wilson10 said

at 8:57 pm on Nov 4, 2009

My dead word is nice. It was survived by admirable and demure.

Mrs. Wilson said

at 11:04 pm on Nov 4, 2009

Hey guys- you are fine to comment here but remember that the assignment was to post on our Blog. Awesome words!!
Mrs. W

wilson14 said

at 7:16 pm on Feb 3, 2010

I forgot my Short Answer Subjects. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wilson14 said

at 7:17 pm on Feb 3, 2010


wilson14 said

at 6:50 pm on Feb 8, 2010

What is the Cool Opportunity thing about?

wilson14 said

at 6:51 pm on Feb 8, 2010

P.S. When are we connecting with Mrs. Hoge's class?

wilson14 said

at 7:28 pm on Feb 18, 2010

Can we do a concrete poem?

wilson6 said

at 10:16 pm on Feb 20, 2010

how do we get onto the science thing??????????????
i want to see the videos but cant

-Whit G.

wilson8 said

at 9:18 pm on Apr 27, 2010

Feed your hamster Mason


wilson14 said

at 6:33 pm on Apr 28, 2010

Do we still need to have the link for Cool Opportunity and the political cartoon contest?

wilson14 said

at 7:55 pm on May 10, 2010

Bryant I think deleted the hamster

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